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Beware the No-it-alls!!

Photography, like life, seems to attract them. You know the ones…you tell them you just bought a digital-camera (insert brand name and model here) and they proclaim:”My Brother-in-law (or whomever) just bought a (insert brand name and model here) and he said it’s the best camera ever. Much better than the one you just got!” “Why you can’t even take a good picture with that set up!”

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It’s all about Light, and dark

Photography is all about light, right? The phrase “light-painting” or “painting-with-light” is much bantered about as the basis for the term “Photography”. But, what about the dark?… Sometimes, when I’m taking photos in my studio, I want to have total control of the light. This means, NO extraneous light coming in from the North-facing window in the studio. Well, loo

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Travel Photography on the Quick

Like a lot of people, my wife and I love to travel. Going to areas different to our own, meeting the locals and learning what makes each location unique, it’s an awesome experience. Unfortunately, we can’t all be like Bob Krist, the famous National Geographic photographer who’s done some great travel-videos for Nikon. You should check them out (click here). He also writes a col

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Liquidating your assets (Part 1) Thumbnail

Liquidating your assets (Part 1)

With the introduction of Nikon’s D200, I knew it was a camera I had to have! But even with the reasonable price, how was I going to pay for it? My bank account (notice I didn’t call it a “Savings” account?) was at it’s usual low-funds-amount and none of my so called friends were answering their phones. Time to get serious. I decided it was time to sell-off some of my lesser used

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Is your camera focusing?

We interrupt our regularly scheduled show to introduce you to a great article on camera focus (or lack there-of). Many people wonder why their camera isn’t delivering the tack-sharp focusing they’re expecting to see. This extensive article by Leon Goodman (he uses a Nikon D70 and hails from Idaho) explains why that might be and has tools and techniques to help you determine and possibly fix

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Magazines I read

Being mainly self-taught on photography, I read a lot of magazines to learn more about the craft and to keep up with the latest stuff I can’t afford to buy. I have attended all the currently offered Nikon-school classes, and also a great studio-lighting class at Calumet in Santa Ana. BadDog and I attended the class (as I remember at BadDog’s insistence, Thanks ‘dog!) and we got a lot o

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Here’s a list of videos I own and enjoy! (For a list of Magazines I read and enjoy check out the article here ) Nikon Masters Series Videos-Good videos put on by some of the best in the business. The likes of Bob Krist and others show you how to take better pictures with your gear. Good for both Nikon and Non-Nikon owners. the Photographers-National Geographic- A great dvd showing what it i

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